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Lead Data Scientist & Strategist, Global Advanced Analytics CoC at IBM | Turning data into tangible business value at scale.

Expertise in delivering client data-driven cognitive solutions at scale (i.e. predictive and attribution modeling) having measurable impacts on the top and bottom lines of business partners.

Focus on demand and revenue forecasting, recommendation engines, audience targeting, marketing activation, and lead scoring by leveraging unique alternative datasets (weather, news, web search trends, intelligent location, etc.) and advanced quantitative modeling techniques.

6+ years of experience in applying complex data science techniques across a diverse range of industries (Retail, Manufacturing, Travel & Transportation, CPG, Capital Markets, Banking, and Insurances). Conducted and delivered 15+ end-to-end data science projects from contracting with customers to final deliverables, including getting models from proof of concept to realizing business value in production at scale.

Area of expertise:

[1] bringing real-time visibility of the business by turning complex processes into tangible and comprehensive data analytics platforms (automated data pipelines and interactive dashboards);

[2] setting up intelligent workflows increasing business-decision accuracy by developing and deploying high-performance predictive model pipelines;

[3] compiling technical outputs into key actionable and trusted business stories/insights through interactive web apps designed to make better-informed and more timely decisions.

One of the 3 main stakeholders who actively co-developed the Social Data Science Lab at CIRANO (Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis of Organizations) in 2017. Speaker at multiple international data science conferences. Co-founder and Executive Lead of the IBM ProBono Program.

Solutions-oriented and empathy mindset enriched by Green Belt Lean Six Sigma and Design Thinking certifications.


Romain Le Duc

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