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Collaboration, Life Learning, Leadership, Responsible Analytics, and Giving Back.

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AIN is founded as an industry trade organization focused on all things Analytics. Our objective is to connect analytics professionals and industry leading commercial entities from across geographies and sectors with common objectives.  Analytics is not a one person job. With collaboration through AIN, we can truly make an impact.

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Members and Sponsors in the AIN community will find unlimited opportunities to share and collaboration on education, knowledge and information sharing, research and development, philanthropic initiatives, advisory and commercial endeavors, career talk, think tanks, hack-a-thons, publications and thought leadership, events, special interests, and more.

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AIN's twelve Founding Members met as students of the Harvard Business Analytics Program (HBAP). We share an entrepreneurial mindset and a love for Analytics. In our commercial lives we identified a few common themes: 1. Analytics is not a one person job; and 2. We want to be catalysts for change where analytics and technology impact humanity and societal good. To achieve either of these objectives, we have to work together.

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AIN welcomes individuals and entities leading advancements in analytics.  While we have membership and sponsorship tiers, we believe that diversity of members and entities is a moral imperative and aligned with our purpose.

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While AIN has commercial objectives around Analytics in business, we also feel passionate about the importance of remembering humanity in the face of technological advance.  We aim to give back to causes with similar objectives as we are able. We look forward to sharing those here.

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